Additional Services

Home Inventory 

We help our clients secure their possessions in case of fire, flood, or robbery with a video document. Your video will be on DVD or a Flash Drive for secure storage.

You have the following option for your video document.
  • Walking video tour of the house with your narration.
  • PDF scans of documents you want to keep safe.
  • PDF scans of receipts for items in the home.
  • Photo montage of items in the home that hold the most value to the client.
 Video Shoot $8.00 / hr 
 Photo Scan $.70 / ea 
 Document Scan  $.50 / ea
 DVD Service $12.00 
Additional DVD's  $5.00 / ea 
 Blu-Ray Service  $15.00
Blu-Ray Services 
$12.00 / ea 
 Flash Drive Price Quoted* 

*Price quote based on the size of the files.

Back-Up Options

We recommend backing up all your memories. There are a couple of options.

 Hard Drive
 Price Quoted
 Flash Drive
Price Quoted 

Prices vary depending on the size of the files that to back up.

VideoFoot Productions will refresh and create a new living memory for your family.

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Shipment and Handling

VideoFoot Productions offers free pickup and delivery of your media sources for Northern Illinois. If you are outside of this area, you pay for the shipping to VideoFoot Productions and we will cover the cost of shipping your materials with your final order back to you.

A Note on Transfers

A transfer is only as good as the source material. VideoFoot Productions provides video enhancement on any editing service.

Blu-Ray DVD offers more space for transfers but could also provide a grainer picture because of the lines of resolution. 

Wedding / Reception Videos

Enjoy your wedding without the camera in your face. Have some guests shoot the video of your event and hand them over to us. We will put together the different views into a wedding video you will want to watch more than once.

We will even insert photos from your special day into the final product.

Birthday Party

Send us all your raw party video and photos and let us put together a fantastic birthday experience that the family will want to watch for years to come.

Refresh Your
Wedding Video

We will take your existing wedding video and turn it into something you will want to share with the family.

You give us your vision and we will make it come to life. We will even insert your wedding pictures into the video.

 Video Transfer  $.20 / min
 Photo Transfer $.70 / ea 
 Editing $7.00 / hr 
 Additional DVD's  $5.00 / ea
 Blu-Ray Service $15.00 
Blu-Ray DVD's
$12.00 / ea 

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